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We are a family-owned and operated company, that has over 25 years of welding & fabrication experience. We strive to provide great customer service with an excellent product. When we are not in the shop you will find us traveling around chasing Motocross races with Hagen and other team members.



Justin Smith

Shop Manager / Owner


Justin brings over 25+ years experience in fabrication and welding. His skills, keen eye for detail and  quality  craftsmanship are what make him a great shop manager and lead designer.


Erin Smith

Executive Manager / Owner

Erin has over 25+ years experience in business and customer service. The skill love and knowledge of the industry; make providing a quality product, and great customer service a passion.


Hagen Smith



Hagen has experience, knowledge and skills in fabricating, welding, designing and operating the CNC Plasma table. His determination for perfection shows in a quality product.  


Jaden Smith

Sales & Advertising Manager


Jaden has over 5+ years in welding and fabrication experience. She is skilled in the design and operations of the CNC Plasma table. Her knowledge in technology keeps Fusion Fab Worx up on the top trends. 

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